Higher Prices? Not A Real Problem In Lead Generation

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

These days, the thought of raising prices can be a very trying decision. But you know that this is a necessity. With the rise in prices and everything, you know that charging a higher fee is a business necessity. The challenge here is in defending your reasons. In terms of B2B leads, there is the higher likelihood that you will lose them. Explaining a higher fee can be daunting for those conducting a lead generation campaign, but if you do know how to explain things, then it will not be too much of a problem. You also need to choose the ideal communication medium to send your message, for example, telemarketing. There are also some basics to remember;

  1. You should be reasonable – raising prices is not evil. As long as your reasons are valid and is a means for you to continue deliver superior customer service, then it is all right. Being reasonable can help you in your appointment setting work, when prospects or customers balk.
  2. You must warn them beforehand – you can have your telemarketers, when they conduct surveys or consultation with current customers about new offers, talk about upcoming increase in prices. This will prepare customers and keep them from bolting when they hear increased prices. 
  3. You can give customers a discount – one way to ensure that your current customers can become viable sales leads is by giving them a discount, even for a short time. It shows that you value their business with you, as well as providing good will.
Take note of these tips, so you will not suffer from a failed lead generation campaign.

Forget Focus Groups, You’ll Need Phone Surveys

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Information is gem, at least in for a lot of businesses. Figuring out what customers and prospects want is key to continued sales operations of a firm. This can affect the way you position, sell, and deliver your products. It can also have an impact on your lead generation and appointment setting campaign and the quality of B2B leads generated. So how will you obtain more market data? There are plenty of methods to do that. One of the most popular is through focused group discussions with customers. While this may be popular, this can actually backfire for business owners.

The reason why business owners like to conduct focused group discussions is because they get to directly ask a small group of current customers about what they think of the current products or services being offered by the firm. Yes, it can provide good information that can help you in generating sales leads better. But it tends to give out skewed results. You need to examine the real cross-section of the market. With focused groups, you will usually not get that. Besides, there is also the risk of falling into the mistake of group think. It will be better to use something else, like phone surveys.

Conducting phone surveys will be a better idea, since you will be able to get in touch with more people at the fastest time possible. Also, the use of telemarketing surveys can be more convenient for customers than coming to the office. This is a better medium to use.

Outsourced Telemarketing Services Still the Best Strategy

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Is outsourcing beneficial?

It will depend on which side of the argument you are in. For sure, this is a subject that has never failed to raise a ruckus in the business community. This is especially true in telemarketing services. But still, why do firms still outsource their telemarketing needs? For larger companies that just wanted to escape the taxes, well, that is their problem. Of course, there are small firms that need the help of professional telemarketers for simple tasks, like in market surveys and lead generation services. They are certainly not the type who has enough money to do it in-house or afford the services of local telemarketing services. These are the important issues raised when outsourcing is concerned.

For your telemarketing needs, will you outsource or not? The choice is entirely yours to make. Only you can decide whether this business investment will benefit you and the country in general.

Identify Your Company Culture To Increase Profitability

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Your company culture is an important part of your business model. As a small company, the relationships between your employees greatly affect the profitability of your business. If your employees don’t work well with each other, then of course acquiring business sales leads won’t be easy. Lead generation, as an important part of the sales process, requires teamwork and a harmonious working relationship. Your company culture plays an important role in achieving this. If you only reward specific people for their good results, such as the email marketing team reaching their required business sales leads, then the other departments will want to do better as well. However, this policy can be detrimental as well since people may start thinking that their efforts are not recognized, such as those with less measurable contributions like the employees who fill in your telemarketing list or whose work have a lesser effect on ROI like database management.

One way to remedy this is by hiring a call center or lead generation company to do all your lead generation processes. If all your employees are sales people, then your company culture of rewarding based on performance or closed sales will be much more equal.

But of course, the company culture is not just yours to decide. It would be wise to question what your employees think about your current company culture. Spend time talking to your employees and find out what they like or don’t like about your current culture. Take note when they point out certain instances where the company culture affected their work results. Act accordingly to remedy a developing negative company culture or help promote a positive one.

How To Improve Your Worthy Telemarketers

Friday, April 20, 2012

Do you want to stay on top of the business game? Then you have to work hard to keep your best employees. Yes, that is true. This is especially true if you are dealing with lead generation, where the production of mare sales leads is crucial in keeping your company afloat. It might just get a little bit tricky if you are using telemarketing as its medium. Still, you can call yourself lucky if you have the people who can do a great job getting you these sales leads. What you have to do is to know how to keep them. Considering the needs of many firms for talent, competitors will certainly snap up your employee the moment they start expressing the desire for greener pleasures.

There are plenty of tactics that you can employ to ensure that your employee will stay with you. Still, the bottom line here is this: be honest, be good, and be generous. It works.

In Need of VOIP Sales Leads? Then Contact the Right Telemarketing Company

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Are you in need of VOIP sales leads? Then you might want to use the services of a lead generation company. Indeed, the use of telecommunication sales leads is very useful for companies that are searching for viable business solutions on how to expand their operations. This is especially useful for internet companies that offer voice services, since they are the ones who will benefit the most from these ISP sales leads. The value of telecom sales leads cannot be denied, since these firms are the best in terms of professionally handling telephony sales leads. This is possible, thanks to advancements done in the field of telemarketing. Through this method, you and your company can be assured of qualified leads. You can then focus more on what you do best: making the sale or closing the deal.

All these are possible with the right lead generation service provider. So, make it a point to find the right partner. This is a good investment.

An Advantages By Hiring A Telemarketing Company as a Business Investment

Monday, February 6, 2012

For businesses that need good B2B lead generation services, it would be a good start to hire a telemarketing company with an extensive and impressive track record in generating qualified B2B leads. Business firms place themselves at an advantage hires a telemarketing company with a good track record of generating sales leads. They can save on time, effort, and money, not to mention helping them concentrate on what they do best. Such firms can provide responsible and skilled telemarketers with the skills and professionalism to do it. The sales leads they provide to their clients can be used to improve the services in the market. These are also very handy in identifying new business opportunities that they can follow up with their marketing team.

As a business investment, the use of such a service can be very important in keeping your company going. Sure, there may be some complications, considering the sheer number of these firms, but it is possible to find the ideal one.